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Women of Weed: Tali Eisenberg

Women of Weed is a High Vibes Media series highlighting admirable ladies who work to educate and advocate for the cannabis community.

The High Vibes Media team first met Tali Eisenberg back in September 2018, where she was hosting an Ellementa gathering focusing on cannabis and women’s health. (Check out our first interview, here)

Tali is a certified holistic health practitioner and a mindfulness facilitator. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She is originally from the East Coast, New York, and as a young entrepreneur, she traveled to California.

In our first interview, she shared with High Vibes:

“We’re in a state where there are so much access and no education. I would like education to be the forefront, be just as par with sales. To see it be a valuable commodity to pay educators, have them out with companies and so people can know how to use this plant in a reliable, safe, repeatable way. I would like to see people have really sustainable lives in this industry, being paid well, having their bills paid, having opportunities to grow and develop as professionals. To have a real focus on education and science and to really let this plant be free. Let it be federally legal. Let's end this war on drugs, let's get these people out of prison, let’s wipe their records. Let's give them a fair chance to come back into the world. There are so many different people that are just behind bars. This plant is being modeled from an alcohol and tobacco model. This plant is medicine, it should not be modeled after toxic chemical companies.”

Tali Eisenberg now has her own company, Geter Done Productions, which is a “wonder-filled Event Production company specializing in cannabis events through the intersections of community, education, and activism.”

As she has navigated her way into the cannabis space, she has found herself learning more about the physiology and pathology of the plant. Tali has a lot of respect for the cannabis plant’s ability to naturally assist in our health. Her love for cannabis connects with a variety of different community demographics, including women, the LGBTQ+, veterans, and seniors. For the last 3 years, she has traveled all over the Bay Area to teach senior cannabis outreach education programs at dispensaries and as private events. She has reached over 3,000 seniors to date.

Tali created a crash course beginner's guide: Cannabis 101 for Seniors. It is an hour course that explains the history of cannabis from the plant’s migration patterns to the creation of the prohibition era. the biological relationship between the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) and cannabinoids in medicine

She brings together diverse groups from the community for her events. She has hosted film premieres, cannabis education events, women leaders events, and even the very first cannabis pride event. Each event features guests ranging from historic community leaders, iconic activists, up and coming cannabis companies. These events are entertaining, educational, and impactful.

One of the greatest things about interacting with Tali is that when you leave her you’ve gained new insight, a new perspective, a new connection, and a better understanding of why we all need to work together to make cannabis more accessible and available to people.

Check out our latest interview with her here:

To connect with Tali:

Instagram: @tali_lala

Facebook: GeterDone Productions