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Women of Weed: Sherry Glaser

Women of Weed is a High Vibes Media series highlighting admirable ladies who work to educate and advocate for the cannabis community.

Sherry Glaser is a woman that wears many hats. She is an actress, writer, and activist. Most of her life’s work centers around cannabis. It’s healing properties and the ability to enhance life have guided her throughout her career. Her one-woman show is called, “Taking the High Road”. It’s about her life as a pot-wife.

Sherry’s wife was a cannabis farmer. Together they founded Love In It Cooperative in 2011. It was the first medical cannabis dispensary in Mendocino Village, California. At that time their business license cost them $40. They integrated themselves into the community through fun events and programs that gave seniors and those in need access to cannabis. They hosted Big Bud Bingo nights and played for prizes. They would pick up the seniors to take them to the community center. They’d even have smoke sessions where they would pass out the volcano bag, an amazing form of vaporizing cannabis flower.

In 2012, Sherry opened up a Bed Bud & Breakfast. It was a cannabis cabin in the woods. A cozy getaway where people could smoke their cannabis freely while they relaxed quietly away from home. As a wellness outlet, it was a modest and humble area for the elders. It was joyful. It was an imitate experience.

Sherry’s patients were interested in cannabis for sleep, pain management and to stimulate their appetites. After speaking to Dr. William Courtney, she and her wife learned that the raw cannabis leaf was a very potent medicine. It contains a non-psychoactive chemical compound THCVa. It has been found to be beneficial for the body in helping reduce inflammation and relieve pain. THCVa also has anti-cancer properties and may help regulate the immune system. In an act of compassion, Sherry and The Love In It Cooperative began juicing the leaves of cannabis to provide their patients with another natural alternative medicine.

In 2014, things shifted. The parents of a six-year-old boy with very aggressive medulloblastoma brain cancer came to Love In It Cooperative searching for the cannabis juice. The family had tried all the western remedies without any relief. They hoped cannabis would be their miracle.

When the boy arrived on the farm he was weak. Under the direction of a licensed medical professional and the request of the boy’s parents, Love In It Cooperative provided non-psychoactive cannabis juice to the family. After three days he was sitting up, talking more and he wanted to go explore outside. Sherry claimed that there was so much progress with the boy.

Eventually, the family had to go back home to their other children. They asked Sherry to keep sending the juice to them. So she did. On one occasion the jar of cannabis leaf juice broke, leaking through the packaging. This raised red flags and even though the juice was non-psychoactive, Sherry and members of Love In It Cooperative were raided and arrested. Their bailout was $25,000 each. The district attorney proceeded with felony transport charges. According to Sherry, the statute of limitations ran out after three years so she was never charged. Nevertheless, this led to Sherry to sell the dispensary.

For Sherry, growing cannabis started out with compassion. You grew it to give it away to the patients. Sherry supposes lawmakers do not take into account the relationship that cannabis farmers have with the people. She believes that cannabis can save the world. It heals you, enhances your senses, and brings laughter and joy.

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