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Women of Weed: Renee Lee

Women of Weed is a High Vibes Media series highlighting admirable ladies who work to educate and advocate for the cannabis community.

Seniors are currently the fastest-growing group of cannabis consumers. Most of them are on multiple medications and turn to cannabis for relief from a variety of their ailments. They are in need of education and support as they explore cannabis. Rene Lee considers herself a success story because she has used cannabis to help her get off 16 different medications. She now uses her experience to help others in her position.

Renee is an expressive arts therapist and a marriage family therapist. She worked with abused children for 25 years. She also has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

In 2004, Renee’s doctors thought she had plantar fasciitis in her foot, so they performed corrective surgery. After the operation, she was still suffering, falling and losing her hearing. The doctors claimed that Renee would be permanently disabled. Then, she received an MRI. That is when she was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma brain tumor. With the help of cannabis, she was able to get off all opioids and is no longer taking any medication. She used her experience and education to create two cannabis clubs in Rossmoor, California.

Rene is the former president of the Rossmoor Medical Marijuana Club. Rossmoor is a senior living facility in Walnut Creek, CA. It’s been in the Bay Area since 1964 and offers its community, of people 55 years and older, a large variety of groups and activities. At Rossmoor, Rene helped facilitate classes that taught seniors how to safely, and effectively use cannabis.

With her experience, both at Rossmoor and with her time at the Haight Ashberry Clinic, she then started a new cannabis organization, the Compassion Society. She started the group to give back to her community and also give people a more hands-on experience with cannabis. Her goal is to bring compassion back into cannabis by making it easily accessible, understandable, and to help incorporate the mind, body, and spirit. She takes seniors to dispensaries, teaches them to read labels and how to smoke.

Rene also currently works in Oakland at an assisted living facility with seniors who have cognitive disabilities. Renee offers behavior therapy, art therapy and as well as works with cannabis clients. Her goal is to bring cannabis education to the community.

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Special thank you toTali Eisenberg, for connecting us with Renee Lee and sharing her story.