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‘WAP’ Sparks the Double Standard Conversation

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The juicy rap collaboration of 2020: Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion. Together they released their latest single ‘WAP’, which charted as a #1 hit on major music platforms such as Billboard, Itunes, Spotify Charts, Youtube Charts. The song broke records for the biggest female collaboration with 93 million streams when it debuted in America.

Since the song’s release, there have been numerous people expressing their opinion about the explicit lyrics and music video debating about the endorsement of women’s sexuality. James P. Bradley, a Republican congressional candidate, claimed it “made [him] want to pour holy water in [his] ears.” Some praise it as an expression of sexual liberation for women; others criticize it for its explicitly and erotic innuendos.

‘WAP’ is about women’s arousal, and the internet is going berserk. The conversations sparked by the song has been about the double standards for men and women artists in the media. Yes, this song is explicit; however, men have been speaking and creating music and art on women’s sexuality for years not only in the form of music but in advertising and marketing as well. Media, a male-dominated industry, exploits women for their pleasure and financial gain. Advertisers bank on the fact that women want to emulate the women they over-sexualized in ads and media, for example, Victoria Secret. So why is it a problem that women represent their sexuality in the media? The simple answer: it’s because of masculinity ideologies.

According to researchers, male musicians sing about sex and their genitals, and it is normalized. However, when women sing about sexuality-it’s considered vulgar. The child topic is always involved and how they need to be role models.

A report by the American Psychological Association (APA) on the sexualization of girls in the media indicates that “girls are depicted sexually more often than boys; dressed in revealing clothing and with bodily postures or facial expressions that imply sexual readiness”. Yes, it is a biological determinant to react to sexual actions; however, we are also a developed species that can form thoughts and critical thinking.

The topic of sex has been taboo, and we should be proud of being healthy sexual beings. ‘WAP’ is a fun anthem for women to be excited about their bodies and sensuality. Too often not, men vocalize their opinions about women’s bodies and behavior. There are just many layers of sexism in American culture, and anytime a woman throws down her masculine energy people are offended. So bring a bucket and mop for your tears because we are going to continue to play some “WAP” and talk about sexual health.

Written By: Felicia Harder @heyfeliciaharder