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Ticket sales from Hirie’s "Woman Comes First" Tour supports the Women's Earth Alliance

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Written By Rebecca Victoria

Hirie @ CaliRoots Festival '18 (Photo by Rebecca Victoria)

Hirie will be performing this Saturday, Oct. 13, at Cornerstone in Berkeley, and the High Vibes Media team will be there! Hirie has been hard at work touring, making new music, and seemingly looks to be collaborating with Sugarshack on some cool new content.

The name of this tour is “Woman Comes First” which is also the name of a song off their self-titled album.

“We take it back to Adam and Eve A seed was planted, now do you believe That a woman comes from the rib of man? Do you understand, we are more than that?”

Joining Hirie on this fall tour is a new artist, Lowtops. The band describes themselves, on their Instagram @lowtopsmusic, as “space reggae”. Their sound is new but it’s super catchy and easy to groove to. You can find their latest single, “Blacks and Blues” on Spotify and Apple Music.

“This song is a farewell to the thoughts that plague our mental bodies” -- @lowtopsmusic

Also performing for the "Woman Comes First" tour is the "R&B infused reggae pop" California artist, Tenelle. She released her first full-length album “For The Lovers” last year. The title track talks about not only the love of relationships but the love we all need as living breathing creatures on this planet.

“So many people have other people to hold them at night While tonight There's other people searching for strength to bear their goodbyes But don't you worry, we're here to have a good time”

Make sure to purchase your tickets because they’re going fast, and you’ll be contributing to a great organization.

$1 of each purchase goes to supporting the Women’s Earth Alliance. They’re an organization that provides women with the knowledge and tools to work within their community to protect our earth.

The Women’s Earth Alliance creates training for women through local leadership which gives women skills in advocacy, technology and entrepreneurship. In turn, the women take what they have learned to create their own environmental projects and teach other women the skills they’ve learned.

The High Vibes team is excited to attend this event. Not only is one of our favorite artists headlining, but we get to hear new music all while donating to a great cause.

Stay posted on our Instagram @highvibesmedia to see more photos and video from the show. We hope to see you there!