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The Holdup performs final show of California tour in San Francisco.

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Written By Rebecca Victoria

Saturday, Sept 28 The Holdup performed at Slim’s in San Francisco for their final stop on their California tour. Mike Garmany better known as The Holdup, is originally from the Bay Area and gave his hometown a show filled with all their favorite songs. This was their sixth and final stop in the West Coast tour, starting in Los Angeles and finishing in San Francisco.

The High Vibes team arrived early to get a camera interview with Garmany. Garmany entered the room with his hot tea in hand and sat down to talk with us. It was an intimate conversation in which he shared his experiences of making music and some insights into his creative process.

Mike Garmany aka The Holdup & Rebecca Victoria of High Vibes Media

Our team is working hard to get the video interview out on our platforms so stay tuned.

Before the doors opened there was a line of fans outside waiting to get in. When the crowd was able to enter the venue they filled the floor saving their spot by the front stage to see The Holdup perform.

The opening act was singer, Carter Reeves. Reeves hyped the audience up with his high energy performance. Accompanied by a single guitar player, and some background music Reeves jumped, danced and sang during the entire half hour set. He performed music from his recent EP and also gave the crowd a surprise by performing a song that has not yet been released.

Once on stage The Holdup had full attention of the entire crowd of city locals and those from not far away. Starting the set with one of their most popular singles, “The Drugs” the crowd sang along to almost every word and they continued to sing along with Garmany to every other song as the show continued.

The lyrics of The Holdup’s songs are what really stand out. They reflect Garmany’s personal life experiences and his blunt, honest feelings which listeners relate and respond to. Couples danced and cuddled as he sang “Everything I Do”, and others joined him in giving the middle finger when he sand, “F--- whatever you say” when performing “Acting Up”.

His time spent on stage showcases these lyrics as well as his vocal skills. A few songs into the set, as the band continued to play, Garmany took his shirt off. All the girls in the audience screamed in excitement as his bandmates laughed but genuinely hyped him up.

Other songs performed in the hour set includes; “Wait For Me”, “Spoken For”, “Neighborhood”, “That’s Okay” and “Closets All Black”. The Holdup released their latest single, “Drive” on Friday Sept 28, just one day before. For only being out for only 24 hours, a majority of the crowd already knew the lyrics to the song.

The crowd was a mix of younger fans, couples, groups of friends and a pretty even mix of male and females. Plenty of them came to the show already decked out in their Holdup t-shirts. The Holdup is able to relate to everyone of all ages and it shows.

Although it has been since 2016 since the released his full length album, “Leaves in the Pool”, he’s released 8 singles that have become fan favorites. It’s clear that he truly enjoys creating music and expressing himself through his lyrics.

He’s promised his fans that, even though there will not be an album out as soon as he thought, he will continue to release singles. The High Vibes team, as well as the rest of The Holdup fan base are excited to hear what’s next.

The Holdup & High Vibes Media

Thank you for the great show, and a good time. The Holdup’s latest single, “Drive” is streaming everywhere. Stay tuned for more media coverage of the show from the High Vibes Team.

Written by: Rebecca Victoria & Amy Lingenfelter