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SKINCARE 101: Finding a great cleanser for your skin type.

Nobody likes to wake up in the morning with a brand new pimple on their face. Which is why it’s important to wash your face and especially take off your makeup before you go to bed. A good skincare routine helps to remove makeup, dirt, excessive oil to leave your skin smooth and clear. Our skin naturally produces oils that protect our skin from anything exterior and gives us smooth soft skin, however, when you remove the oils it can be harming the protective function and our natural hydration level.

Soaps are alkaline products remove oil and dirt from our skin which helps to prevent infections. However, only washing with soap and hot water leaves the skin more susceptible to inflammation, sensitivity, broken capillaries (rosacea), dryness, and flakiness. This is because soap is too alkaline in comparison to our skin barrier acidity level.

When you don’t take care of your skin, it is left vulnerable to skin conditions involving acne and sensitivity. Not washing your face or even improperly washing may lead to advanced aging, unwanted oil production, and the risk that other potential contaminants might penetrate the skin. Cleansing the face with the right products can make a huge difference in keeping your skin healthy.

Before using a cleanser make a note to how your skin is acting; is it too tight, super shiny, or none of the above. Cream, gel, and oil cleansers are proven to be most beneficial for different skin types.

Dry skin classifies as having a lack of natural oils. People with a dry face have small pore size, tight feeling, and a scaling effect when grabbed between two fingers. Dry and mature types of skin need extra hydration starting in the type of cleanser used.

Oily skin is classified as to having obviously large pores and accumulation of oils through the day.

Combination skin can be oil to normal or oily to dry. Oily to normal skin has enlarged pores in the T-zone and reaching smaller sizes towards the outer edge of the face. Indifference, oily to dry combination skin has non-visible pores towards the outer edge of the face.


A proper cleanser for people with dry skin is a cream cleanser; milk and lotion cleansers are the alternative names. Generally having a thick consistency providing cleansing abilities with a deposit of moisture. Cream cleansers do not strip away the natural oils on the skin. These cleansers can be used on anyone needing a little extra boost of moisture.


Gel or foaming cleansers are most suited for acne-prone, oily and combination skin types. Gel and foaming cleansers provide a deep clean clearing away excess oil and unclogging pores. They work by penetrating through surface oils to loosen dirt from the pores preventing breakouts. One ingredient that is common is cleansers for acne is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), it works by starting the exfoliation progress by breaking down excess dead skin cells within pores. Take caution when used for sensitive or dry skin the results can lead to heightened sensitivity and dryness.


Oil cleansers are the most common product used for skincare. Most oil cleansers seem counterintuitive but are the best to remove waterproof makeup and debris, and they are safe for all skin types. The oil cleanses the skin by binding to the surface oils for easy removal. Other benefits are removing clogged pores of debris without drying out the skin. Most oil-based cleansers are for easy removal and additional cleaning that can be emulsified with water turning the oil-based product to a water-based product having a white consistency.

Written By: Amy Lingenfelter