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Sand One talks about her Northern California inspired Cannabis Doll, Lil’ Stony.

LA-based artist, Sand One made her way into the Bay Area this past week. The artist often travels to different parts of California and other parts of the country to connect with her art collectors. Sand is known for her colorful images of wide-eye dolls and sharing her story of unapologetically following her passion for painting.

On January 20, Sand hosted a meet up in San Jose. She sat down to talk about one of her most popular dolls, Lil’ Stony. The doll with weed leaves in her eyes is inspired by the Northern California women who dedicate their lives to the cannabis industry.

Lil’ Stony handbag by Sand One. Photo by High Vibes Media

Sand explained more about the doll, saying:

“Stony represents all the girls in the weed culture. All girls that are from Northern Cali. All the girls in general that are in different states that transport weed, that sell weed, that work in weed shops, that trim the weed, that bag the weed, that go to do the deals. She’s rolling joints. To me, Stony is the epitome of the woman that’s in the weed culture. You know, still cute but she’s getting her money. She’s from out here. She’s from Northern Cali so I have a big attachment to her.”

Sand’s other dolls include Cakes (daddy issues, 22, Capricorn), Stacks (single, 25, Virgo), Softy (single, 33, Libra), Pride (single, 29, Pisces), Boxy (trying to be social, 19, Taurus), and several others. Sand paints her dolls, which she calls her daughters into large murals on the sides of businesses. She also transforms them into stickers, keychains, pins, crop tops, umbrellas, and other unique pieces.

Artwork by Sand One. Photo by High Vibes Media

Each doll has a unique personality. This makes it easy for everyone to find a doll that they can relate to. The most beloved doll of the group seems to be Lil’ Stony. The ganja-themed doll was born on April 20, 1999. Her narrative starts with her growing up in the Emerald Triangle. She never smoked until she lost her parents. Smoking a blunt changed her perspective.

Sand said that she has painted Lil’ Stony in the most variety of poses. You can find the doll smoking a blunt, sitting down, walking with bags full of flower, in full-body poses or just face. In each pose, her eyes are low and filled with little pot leaves that give her that stoner sparkle. Sand continuously creates limited-edition pieces each featuring different dolls. Stony is featured in almost every collection Sand creates.

Artwork by Sand One. Photo by High Vibes Media

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Written By Rebecca Victoria

I like to write articles about weed and poetry about life. I’m a Bay Area native writing about the world I live in for the people I love. @thatcannabiswriter