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Ries Brothers talk about touring life & new music.

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Written By Rebecca Victoria

Friday night, August 31, was an intimate at the Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz. The stage was set with a Pacific Dub backdrop but the Ries Brothers were set to open up the show.

The brothers, Charlie, 23 and Kevin, 19 are a young duo but extremely talented. The two of them create a full, energetic rock, reggae, blues sound for the audience to jam out to. Charlie sings lead vocals, plays drums and keyboard bass. Kevin takes care of background vocals and absolutely kills it on the guitar.

After an epic performance the High Vibes team, Amy and myself, got to take some time to chat with the brothers about things like their tour life and musical inspirations.

“The reggae really comes from Kevin, he’s the one who showed me all this stuff. I’m more of an alternative rock, classic rock fan. I’m a huge Doors fan, I love The Smiths.” Charlie told High Vibes Media.

Charlie and Kevin decided to start the band back in 2012. After they built up their local fan based in their hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida for a couple of years they expanded and started to tour regionally.

“Our manager David is working from Florida and he controls everything,” Charlie shared with us. “We met him about a year and a half ago and things have been great and thing have picked up since signing with him.”

I was fortunate to meet the brothers and interview on one of their last stops in California. In May they opened day two of the three day California Roots Music and Arts Festival in Monterey, California which they shared was one of many favorite moments of their touring schedule.

“CaliRoots was definitely a moment for us because we’ve been watching the live stream of that festival for years and to finally be there was amazing,” Charlie said. “First time with G-Love was amazing. A couple of epic shows, a couple thousand people a night for his stuff which is epic. But I’m super stoked to be out with Pacific Dub.”

The Ries Brothers plan to stay busy into the Fall as they begin another tour. The two will be joining Sun Dried Vibes on their album release tour across the East Coast. Then Charlie and Kevin plan on taking a break to record more music.

“We’re trying to be less all over the place. We always wanted to put out an album, ever since we started. That was the dream,” Charlie told High Vibes. “Now that we put out the first album we wanna focus and make it maybe not as many songs, more consistent with the sounds.”

Their lyrics on their “View From the Outside” album reflect themes of growing up, love, and escaping to the beach. Kevin shared that he writes a lot of the reggae music but that the two of them work together to create their music. They pull inspiration for their lyrics from their experiences on the road.

“Traveling. Now that we’re on the road, seeing different places everyday. Everything gives you inspiration on the road,” Kevin told High Vibes.

“Music was a definitely an outlet for us. It’s a big way to release emotion because at least I was horrendously shy,” Charlie shared. “Music was definitely a way for me to open up so that’s where a lot of the lyrics come from.”

As the two continue to grow their fan base and create more music. We were curious to know if they planned on expanding the band.

“When we started we couldn’t really find someone who was as passionate as we were, that was around our age and didn’t have other stuff going on. So we were like let’s just do this ourselves. My Doors influence is where the keyboard comes in because they didn’t bass player either. Their keyboardist played keybass,” Charlie said. “So I took that idea and applied it to the drums and said let’s go out as a duo to start out and then it kinda caught on. So we haven’t stopped. Down the road if we continue to build this thing we wanna add some more players. Bring in a bassist and a drummer so I can come out front and sing”

Before ending the interview we wanted to know a fun fact about the two. Before starting the band the two played baseball.

“We used to be baseball players before we got into music. He was a lot better than me and he won the state championship when he was 11,” Charlie shared.

Shortly after Kevin decided music was more his style.

“I stopped playing baseball at 12 and picked up the guitar at 13 and never looked back” Kevin said.

We’re excited to see the Ries Brothers continue their success because there is no denying that they’ve got the talent and drive to do amazing things with their music. Huge thank you to the Ries Brothers team. We’ll be seeing you guys soon!

Rebecca Victoria, Charlie Ries, Kevin Ries, Amy Lingenfelter