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New Music: HIRIE releases blazing single, “Bonfire”

Patricia Jetton, also is known as Trish, is the front-woman of the pop-reggae band, HIRIE. Throughout COVID, Trish has been staying connected with fans through live streams, social media, and on the platform Patreon. With live-concerts at a standstill, it has caused a lot of uncertainty for artists.

Patreon is a creator membership platform where you can support your favorite artists and receive exclusive content. Trish has been giving her Patreon followers exclusive monthly covers from No-Doubt, Bob Marley, and Fleetwood Mac, and she even gave us a sneak peek of her new single and music video.

HIRIE will be releasing their new single “Bonfire”, Friday, September 18th at midnight. The song is sensual and upbeat with a catchy chorus. Recorded at Trish’s home studio, Paul Couture produced the single. The producer has worked with artists such as Shwayze, Akon, and French Montana.

“Speaking for the haters lurking today, never too impressed when they come my way” - Hirie “Bonfire”

‘‘Bonfire’ is about quieting your inner chatter – or rather, burning it so that the truth can find its way out. I wrote it as a “release” from something that happened to me recently which left me feeling tragically weak as an artist. Bonfire is my way of firing back and saying ‘hey, you know what? I still got this’. I hope what people take away from this song is that they too can burn down negative circumstances and rise above it all.” Trish told Business Mirror,

In addition to the release of the new track, the band will be performing a live concert, Friday, September 18th. The tickets are based on “name your price” donations to help with expenses involved with producing the set. All donations go directly to producing the show.

The acoustic performance will feature fan favorites including “Almost Home” and “Better as Is,” and first-time performance of the new single, “Bonfire.”

“Bonfire” will be released on Spotify and Apple Music on September 18 at midnight!


Set Your Reminders for the Live-Stream Concert:


Article By: Felicia Harder, @heyfeliciaharder