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Nattali Rize Performs Her Latest Single Fear And Dread

Nattali Rize was the opening musician for Hirie's Dreamer Tour at the Mystic Theatre on February 12th.

This was the second time I had seen her perform live. She is a powerful and talented musician. After delivering an epic performance on stage, she invited the audience to come connect with her. She took photos and mingled with the concertgoers.

Photo with Nattali Rize

That night, I invited two of my two friends who have never heard her music before. After the show, they were leaving with their Nattali Rize merch and are now fans. They had a great time and were taken back by Nattali’s on-stage presence.

Rize’s performance is embedded with powerful messages. She has the audience echoing her songs, like One People, a song about the contemptuous aspects of society. Rize is a thought-provoking artist. Her music speaks of the social injustices of the world, and it reminds you to not be seduced by the material world.

Nattali Rize was raised in Australia and later moved to Jamaica in 2014. Her mother was a huge influence on Rize. In an interview with Submerge Magazine, she recalled “growing up, there was always music around. Reggae, rock, and soul from greats like Judy Mowatt and Aretha Franklin. My mother played the best. I was naturally obsessed with it all but also determined to learn at 13 years old. My mother was my guitar teacher and it all started from there.”

Rize began her journey as a musician performing on the streets. Later, she formed the band, Blue King Brown, an urban roots ensemble, in Byron Bay. She also collaborated with the band NOTIS. Her first solo album, Rebel Frequency, was released in March 2017. Rize brings intention with her music. She has toured globally. On her website, Rize states, “we use music infused with this intention to resonate at a higher frequency than what is being permeated across current world culture. As such, our frequency in this paradigm is a rebel … Rebel Music, Rebel Frequencies we deal with!”

| Photo From @NattaliRize Instagram |

Rize released a recent single December 2019, "Fear and Dread". On Instagram Rize noted, “'Fear and Dread" is about reclaiming our mental freedom and remembering that despite the onslaught of systemic judgment, illusion, disharmony, imbalance & immorality. Our minds are still one of the most powerful and unbeatable forces in shifting out of this paradigm and into a higher frequency and more harmonious reality of one love.”

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Written By Felicia Harder

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