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Mymilligram: Contessa of Micro-Dosing

Written By Felicia Harder

When you come across mymilligram on Instagram, you will see it’s an explosive vibrant neon aesthetic. When I first saw the signature hot pink lips, I asked myself, who is mymilligram?

mymilligram is a cannabis media brand that provides a weekly newsletter featuring high-quality cannabis products made in California. The person behind the brand is the Contessa of Micro-Dosing, Marcia Gagliardi. Her personality definitely matches her groovy aesthetic on mymilligram. For Marcia, cannabis pumps up the color of life and mymilligram’s bright colors match how it feels in her body. By creating the brand with local design shop Noise 13, she was able to design her whole visual lexicon in a unique, playful, and fun way.

In San Francisco, I joined Marcia for some tacos at Chisme Cantina. Marcia is a San Francisco-based writer, and before mymilligram, she was a culinary personality and self-publishes tablehopper, a now biweekly e-column about where to dine and drink in the city of San Francisco (tablehopper just turned 13). Marcia’s audience on tablehopper spans from millennials looking for the latest spot to a more mature audience. Marcia cultivates a community that trusts her and moreover her taste.

“Crossing over the tablehopper audience with mymilligram was a big step to come out to my readers, but it was a big step to destigmatize [cannabis]”.

Marcia was re-introduced to cannabis when a friend asked for her help while starting a cannabis-based project. She got her medical card and began to investigate the latest cannabis products that were out. As she searched at different dispensaries, she felt that she was always being sold high-THC products with heavy milligrams. Budtenders didn't understand why she wanted something low-dose.

“I came across a dispensary that was selling Care By Design tinctures, and they didn’t know anything about the product. So I went back home and I did my research to figure out what formulation and ratio I wanted. This is insane! People are selling products that they know nothing about. They are not going to guide me as a low-dose user. I realized the onus was on me to figure out what was going to work and how to take it.”

Marcia’s friend Christopher Longoria, whom she noted is one of the city’s best bartenders, developed San Francisco’s first CBD cocktails at Cafe Flore. Marcia was curious about the flavor profiles and terpenes that were blended in the drinks. Through Christopher, Marcia was introduced to the company LEVEL, which is a science-based company that creates cannabis products that offer users unique experiences with cannabinoids.

The mymilligram pre-flight box 2.0. Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus.

“I started learning about the formulations that LEVEL provides in their three milligram Tablingual products. I was so blown away when I was talking to Chris Emerson, Ph.D., co-founder of LEVEL, and as a writer, I was so excited by the incredible science behind it and the different effects of CBD, CBG, and THCV. It’s all low dose so you can mix and match.”

For Marcia, it was a whole new world. By being educated on dosage and different cannabinoids,it made her in charge of what she was taking, and how much. She began to experiment with different products and titrating to see what worked. Her friend’s cannabis olive oil, Pot d’Huile, is one milligram per milliliter, and really helped her discover what different milligrams feel like, and to dial in her optimal dosage. Everyone has their own magic number, hence the name the name mymilligram. Through Marcia’s research and product trial, she discovered a different way to enjoy cannabis.

“I love cannabis again. I just had to stop enjoying it because it got so strong and it wasn't the same experience that I used to enjoy in my twenties.”

Marcia is leading the way for education about cannabis micro-dosing and products to try. She is the modern stoner and is reintroducing cannabis in a different light, showing how we can make micro-adjustments to our day and customize according to our needs.

For someone who writes about food, Marcia cares a lot about where products come from and how they are made. In her product reviews, she writes about the quality and the sourcing. For instance, Sparks by Somatik offers cannabis-infused coffee beans and goji berries. Through Marcia’s research, she found that the company cares so much about their sourcing and the process to make their products. (You can read her article here: mymilligram: Sparks)

Photo: Marcia Gagliardi. © mymilligram. Styling: Christian Jusinski/Surfacehaus. Props: Jay Jeffers/The Store.

“It’s important to be discriminating because I care about my cannabis products and how they are made as much as I care about food. I learn about the quality, and I apply that as much as I can to the products I review. We aren’t even close to where it's going to be. We are going to see some high-end, beautifully made products, but we will also see mass-produced products with crap CBD from god-knows-what hemp source.”

With her background in the culinary field, Marcia wants to start hosting educational nights to guide people in the restaurant industry on how to diminish the dependence on other substances after work and to be open to utilizing cannabis to help with pain, relaxation, and quality of sleep. Her goal is to educate them on how to reduce inflammation throughout the day because “cooks and servers’ bodies get beaten down. The pain is real!”

Marcia is an innovative self-publisher, and she is uncovering this world for us so we can gain education through her perspective about the market. Her experience as a low-dose user is unique, and she reassures us the comfort to experiment with cannabis to utilize the beneficial qualities of the plant. When people have more things in their toolkit, they will see how well it will help with their quality of life and Marcia’s website, mymilligram is a great source to begin your education on cannabis.