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"Long View Polar Bear" in San Francisco

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Yes, there is a polar bear in front of the Ferry Plaza Building. The bear was made from salvaged car hoods and stands 35-feet tall peering over the people in San Francisco.

The “Long View Polar Bear” was put up during the Global Climate Action Summit that took place Sept 12 to Sept 14. The summit brought together leaders and people from around the world to discuss the issues of climate change and acknowledge those who are working to create a meaningful impact on the environment.

The sculpture is made by Don Kennel, an artist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kennel and his wife, Lisa Adler, work together with their crew to bring art and communities together through their sculptures.

Kennel shares on his Instagram page that he “hopes to make animals visible and bring particular species into human consciousness” through his creation of these large sculptures.

This sculpture is to give fresh impetus to the people and bring attention to the plight of the polar bears in the Arctic. Polar Bear habitats are disappearing rapidly due to climate change.

“Research shows that it's not too late to take action to save sea ice and polar bears by greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” according to Polar Bears International.

Polar Bears International list these actions as simple as riding your bike to work, reducing your water usage, or recycling. Other ways to make a positive change can include voting for politicians or volunteering for organizations who support creating a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing carbon emissions.

We are now facing a planetary crisis. We have witnessed the harmful and real-life effects of climate change happening in the wildfires on the west coast, the devastating hurricanes on the east coast and the declining habitats of the polar bears.

Together, we can take simple steps towards living a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We must make positive changes for the health of our environment. Take action and let's protect our planet.

For more tips on how to be sustainable checkout Polar Bear International website: Get Involved