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Let the High Vibes Begin

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Written By Rebecca Victoria

It has been a busy summer for the High Vibes Media team. We’ve been working hard to get our website up and running, searching for shows to attend and preparing to film our first music video collaboration!

The last week of August is our first week heading out and attending concerts from some of our favorite reggae bands. We’re excited to be able to get to sit down and talk with some of these talented musicians. You’ll be able to get to know the bands better through our video clips and articles.

Friday August 31, the team will be splitting up to bring you coverage from two different shows in the Bay Area. Amy and Rebecca will be attending the Pacific Dub “Guide You Home” show in Santa Cruz at the Catalyst.

The reggae rock band, from Huntington, California, dropped their third album “Guide You Home” earlier this year. The band is formed by Colton Place performing lead vocals and guitar, Hunter Porter playing lead guitar, David Delaney on the drums and contributing vocals, and Nathan Ueda on the bass as well as vocals.

Joining them on their tour are the Ries Brothers, from Tampa, Florida. These two brothers combine reggae with the sounds of rock, blues and funk. The oldest of the two, Charlie, sings lead vocals while playing the drums and keyboard bass. Kevin, the younger, provides the background vocals while shredding on guitar.

The other half of the High Vibes team, Mac and Felicia, will be heading to Berkeley. They’re attending the sold out Greek Theatre performance of Rebelution’s “Free Rein” tour.

Rebelution released their sixth studio album “Free Rein” on June 15. It remains on the top of the Billboard Reggae Charts. The band formed in 2004 and we’re so honored to get to know them a little better. Eric Rachmany provides the bands lead vocals and guitar, Rory Carey jams on the keyboard while Wesley Finley plays drums and Marley D. Williams is on the bass.

Saturday the team will be back in Berkeley at Cornerstone to sit down and talk with The Expendables. The band is based in Santa Cruz, California and has been making music since 1997. The band is formed with Geoff Weers on guitar and vocals, Adam Patterson on the drums and vocals, Raul Bianchi on lead guitar and Ryan DeMars playing bass. The band is excited to share some fun facts about them as well as tell us about their upcoming projects.

It will be a busy weekend for the High Vibes team, but we’re stoked to hit the ground running. We are so honored and grateful that Pacific Dub, Ries Brothers, Rebelution, and The Expendables are allowing us to get to know them better and share their story. Spreading the love we have for reggae music is what High Vibes is all about.

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