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Laziness in the Age of Coronavirus

Updated: May 30, 2020

Over the last few weeks, there have been posts across social media claiming that those who are not optimizing their time in quarantine properly are lazy. “If you really wanted to start your business and you’re still not doing it… time was never your issue. You’re just lazy.”

They cite studies like one done by Stanford which showed an increase in productivity when people began to work from home. A quick glance at this study shows that working from home can be a good thing. A closer look shows that more than half of the volunteers for this study wanted to go back to the office because of one factor: loneliness. And this study was before social distancing was such a prevalent part of all our lives.

It’s true. We do have more “free” time if we’re locked in our homes and all social events are canceled. But there’s an important factor to take into account: The world is in currently survival mode. We’re all experiencing trauma. We are dealing with a life-threatening virus as well as the loss of our lives as we knew them.

Our routines have been upended. Our social opportunities have been taken away. Inspiration and motivation are hard to come by when we’re trying to find some kind of normalcy in all of this chaos.

You may find that lately, you are having mood swings from one day to the next. One day, we’re motivated and getting all of our to-do items checked off. The next, we’re on the verge of tears from dawn to dusk. This isn’t a coincidence. In fact, the CDC actually recognizes this reaction as a part of the pandemic and lists coping mechanisms on their website.

So, yes, some of us may have more time to ourselves these days. That doesn’t mean we can all take advantage of it. If you can, more power to you. But what do we gain from shaming others who can’t? We’re all already going through so much.

We do need to find ways to keep moving forward. While it can be a challenge there are simple activities to help start to push past quarantine fatigue. You could try taking time to meditate, making your favorite comfort food, or getting into a creative new hobby. These little actions could make your hard days just a little brighter.

This is a time in which we need to find balance again. While it’s definitely not a cakewalk for some of us, it’s possible. 

Stay safe and prioritize your mental health. 

Written by: Fred Gebhardt, @FredGebhardt