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HVM Highlighted Artist: LEADR

Meet LEADR, a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and producer. His musical journey aims to embody uplifting and positive motifs through his dreamy and electric music.

Photo by Josiah Cracraft

LEADR’s sound harmonizes his ethereal and idyllic vocals with live instrumentation and atmospheric electronic beats.

"Right now, I'm inspired by my past and present experiences and writing my truth. I've grown so much since I released my last 3 singles,” LEADR told High Vibes Media. “I would say my influences are James Blake, Odesza, and my producer and friend, Wundr-- we have been collaborating lately on both of our new albums and I am very excited to share it.”

LEADR is currently working on his first LP as well a couple of singles where he is collaborating with different artists. Last year, LEADR released his last debut single, “Waves,” which generated an impressive buzz on platforms such as Atwood Magazine to Dancing Astronaut. LEADR’s second single, “11:11 ft. TXVX,” premiered on Billboard Magazine and named LEADR “20 LGBTQ New Artists to fall in love with.”

“I started creating my own projects in 2015 with the last year coming fully into fruition. But I've been interested in music my whole life. I have always had a love for electronic music and discovered a few artists that inspired me,” LEADR said. “I realized I wanted to write about positive and uplifting motifs that would inspire my fans. We are all leaders, we all have a destiny and purpose. We all make decisions which ultimately lead to greatness. I want to help guide people to that.”

Check LEADR out on https://www.leadrmusic.com

By Juliette Fechter