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Hirie’s “Dreamer” Album debuts and delivers excellence.

"Dreamer" by Hirie is the 3rd album from the reggae band.

Fans have finally been blessed to hear the full version of the 3rd album, “Dreamer” from Reggae/Pop band Hirie. It was released on Friday, September 13th, a full moon, and brought all those good juju vibes with it. For those of us, like myself, that have been following the band for the past few years on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, as well as catching them at every live show within close proximity, we’ve patiently but anxiously waited for this album. It’s here and from start, to finish it’s everything I love about Hirie neatly packaged into 11 dope ass tracks. It’s upbeat catchy songs to dance to, chill songs to smoke a bowl to, cute songs for your boo, sad songs to cry to when life sucks, and songs to get you through life. All combined with these epic sounds of horns, violins, drums, and even a mariachi band this time. Then you add Hirie’s powerful magnetic voice and it’s truly a recipe for an iconic album.

Hirie. Image by Sugar Shack

Prior to the album release, 4 tracks were released. First was ‘She Go’. It’s an upbeat anthem perfect for when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up. Next, we were blessed with “I’m Messed Up” which is undeniably relatable because we all feel like big fuck-ups from time to time. She sings “I’m doing the best that I can, I’m messed up but that’s who I am.. say la la la la la la la la…” Then the mariachi joins her in harmony in the background, which as a Mexican girl who loves reggae music, I appreciated so very much.

The mellow but upbeat tune was followed up by “I like the way you roll.” A track that features another iconic reggae band constantly on the rise, Slightly Stoopid. I’m so excited to jam out to this song at the next show. What is Hirie without a tune about some ganja? Also if you haven’t seen our girl Felicia rolling a joint (in under a minute) to this tune, check it out here.

Finally, before we got the whole album, Hirie released “Message in a Bottle”. The soft tender tune builds into an epic ballad. It features beautiful string sounds from violinist Tim Snider of Nahko and Medicine For The People. The music video is the most telling insight into the song’s meaning. It’s powerful. One scene depicts the singer as she gets in the bathtub and plunges under the water. When she tries to rise to the top she’s blocked and trapped. As she falls unconscious the white-dressed version of Hirie comes to pull her out. The final shot in her soaking wet trying to catch her breath on the floor. I can’t help but think this song is about the struggles of mental health issues like depression and bipolar.

Hirie aficionados have been given this exclusive backstage access to the process of making this record through things like the 3-part SugarShack Sessions series, “Hirie: My Original Story”. If you haven’t watched it yet, please watch it here. She opens up about her personal journey, her music career and even her struggle with mental health. Maybe that’s why I, and many Hirie fans, feel such a connection to this album.

“Every song on there seems to be like an ‘I dare you’ song. I dare you to be brutally honest with yourself. I dare you to face your fears. I dare to you to be who you want to be. Or I dare you to face, ya know, the stuff that just, you don’t want to.” Hirie told Sugar Shack.

Hirie. Image by Felicia Harder, High Vibes Media

You can feel that boldness in this album. You can feel all those personal pieces of Hirie that make you feel like she’s one of your best friends, that you aren’t alone in this crazy rollercoaster ride that is life.

Songs like “Put it down” and “Gwan Boy” capture that party vibe that you feel when you see the band perform live. My favorite songs from this album come from the last 3 tracks, “Frida Kahlo”, “Reason to Fly” and “Stay Wild”. I’m not even going to lie, I cried. They are powerful songs about being who you are, accepting it, holding on, facing fears, following your dreams and not giving up.

All I can say is go listen. Hear what this woman and her amazing band have to share with the world. I did not think I could love Hirie more than I already did. However, Hirie leveled up on the “Dreamer” album. It will be on repeat until further notice. Hirie will be performing in cities all over the country soon so please go support!

Written By: Rebecca Victoria