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Hirie premieres new music video "I'm Messed Up"

“I’m Messed Up” is the second single from Hirie's upcoming album.

Hirie music video "I'm Messed Up"

“I’m Messed Up”, the 2nd single from reggae band, Hirie premiered on Youtube April, 30. The music video opens up with lead singer Patricia aka Hirie decorating the tent with Picado banners. The video is a mix between home video style shots and creative scenes as the party is unfolding in front of us. The mariachi band featured in the song parties alongside the Hirie band as they smoke, drink from solo cups, take shots, and chase it with Jaritos. Other scenes feature the band sitting at a table mirrored to look like the Leonardo da Vinci’s mural “The Last Supper”. The frame is dressed with carnations, prayer candles, and red cups. It is a great scene juxtapose with the lyrics of the song. The director Christina Chi and Cinematographer Julia Keith did a great job capturing the bands fun energy. They combined the vibes well with the more serious shots where Hirie is solo in front of the party mess and beautifully laying on the floor surrounded by meticulously placed broken mirror pieces.

The ‘Messed Up’ single is one of the songs featured on the latest segment of Sugarshack’s docu-series, “Hirie: My Orginal Story”.

In the first two segments, the lead singer shares memories of her home in Hawaii. She shares personal intimate stories of her childhood and her struggle through adolescence. It’s her biography in her own words about her journey to become Hirie. Not only does the audience get to know more about Hirie, but they also get to follow along with the unique and creative process to make the bands yet to be released next album. “I’m really glad that they understand the process that I’m taking,” Hirie says. “The guys come in and they get to do freakin put whatever the hell they want on it and I’m like go for it. This is the part where they get to be free. Here’s your canvas, go have fun.”

High Vibes Media first heard the acoustic version of the song when Hirie was on her Woman Comes First" tour with Tenelle & Lowtops in October 2018. When we heard Hirie’s performance of the “I’m Messed Up”, in Berkeley, it was hard not to relate to lyrics. “Just load the bowl, and fill my cup. Accept the fact I’m messed up.” Then you can’t help but sing along and sway to the catchy “La la la la la la la la I’m messed up..” This second track has us all feeling a little less alone about not being so perfect. We can’t wait to hear more new music and maybe catch Hirie while they're on the road with Slightly Stoopid this summer.