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High Vibin' with Rebelution at The Greek

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Written By Mac Guerreiro

High Vibrations all around at The Hearst Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA with Rebelution, Common Kings, Zion-I Crew, and Stephen Marley. High Vibes Media has been waiting and preparing for opportunities such as this one, to be able to bring fans closer to our favorite artists, and their teams right where they feel most comfortable, their stage.

Captured on iPhone X by Mac Guerreiro
Rebelution live at the Hearst Greek Theater

Upon arriving at the Greek Theater Eric Rachmany was kind enough to escort Felicia, and I backstage into the band’s private green room. Decked out in Buddha statues, spiritual decor, and vibrant, earthy colors the room definitely added to the feel of the interview. Kyle Ahern, Rebelution’s newest addition, was jamming to the guitar when we walked in and agreed to meet us for an interview later on. After a quick set-up, and a chat about the plans we have for High Vibes, Eric and I got to talking about touring life, music, and exciting new ventures in Rebelution’s near future.

A candid moment captured during our interview  with singer, and guitarist Eric Rachmany
Photo by Sam Medina

While we waited for Kenny Gribbon, Rebelution’s lighting designer, to meet us in the green room we got a chance to meet one of the band's former tour managers, Yogi, and his beautiful little one Carly. With dreams of being a performer, it was clear that Carly considers Eric (“the Rach” as she, and Yogi called him) a huge inspiration. Getting to see this beauty groove, and vibe to the music was a definite highlight, and it melted our hearts when she recognized us in the lounge later on. Dare we say Carly already has fangirls? I think so.

Backstage at Hearst Greek Theater

After Kenny’s interview we spoke with Eric Hirschhorn (Saxophone), and Kyle Ahern (Guitar) in the beautifully decorated VIP lounge whose glowing lanterns and boho decor would only pop as the sun went down. Have to say, The Greek Theater hooked it up.

The rest of the night is something we will never forget, and as much as I could describe it, and believe me I want to, I would rather have you all see it. These interviews, clips from the show, and photos are all going up on HighVibesMedia.com very soon. To be the first to know when they drop follow us on Instagram and make sure your post notifications are turned on.

This is only the beginning of a massive movement of healing and love, and we appreciate all of you who are showing us support along the way.