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Four Excellent Ways to Recycle your Books

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It feels good to complete a book, but once you’ve finished, the shelves begin to fill with stacks of dusty covers. Will we ever re-read any of them? There are a few books in my collection I would re-read. However, many new books are not on my shelves yet that I need to make room for.

So what’s the best way to clear the shelves to make space for new literature?

1. Gift them. Books make great gifts.

My favorite way to give away books, especially those I love dearly, is to gift them to friends and family. It’s also a great feeling to receive a good book from a friend. There is something profoundly personal and intentional about thinking of a person you love and matching them with a story you love.

2. Exchange them. It’s a win-win.

Do you ever get caught up in a conversation about books with a friend about all the books you think each other should read? Why not swap? Everyone gets a new book, free of charge. Organize a book exchange with someone you know or try an online book exchange.

3. Sell them. A little extra cash is always nice.

Some local books stores have programs where they trade your used booked money for old books. In some cases, they won’t buy it because they either have too many copies or don’t need it. You can also try selling them online with websites like Declutter.

4. Donate the good, recycle the bad.

The quickest and easiest way to get those dear books off your shelf is to donate or recycle them. Drop off books that are in good condition to local libraries, schools, or other organizations. Books that are in bad shape can be recycled. The glue bindings on books make them a little tricky to recycle, so make sure you check your recycling center’s policies before dropping them off.

It’s also important to mention that e-books are an exceptional paperless alternative, especially non-fiction books like tech guides and textbooks that can quickly become dated. But of course, it’s fair to hold on to books that you’ve attached sentimental value or enjoy reading over and over. A stocked bookshelf is beautiful. Happy Reading.

Written By: Rebecca Victoria @thatcannabiswriter