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Ellementa Women: "Women, Cannabis, & Pain". Empowering Women with Cannabis through Education.

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Written By Rebecca Victoria

Women, cannabis and pain were the topics for Thursday night’s Ellementa Women event in San Francisco, California. Ellementa is a global women’s cannabis wellness network. Where it encourages open dialogue and provides a platform for women to ask questions and learn from Cannabis experts.

The event table was set up with cannabis vendors from Somatik, with cannabis infused coffee, Cosmic View with organic CBD/THC topicals and tincture, and Higher Veda Medicinals who displayed their organic cannabis capsules. At the end of the table was a variety of informational pamphlets and books provided as resources to educate current and curious cannabis users about topics like dosing, CBD, as well as cannabis and pain.

Thursday’s event was facilitated by Tali Eisenberg, a cannabis educator and consultant. Eisenberg also created a Senior Cannabis program where she teaches seniors in the Bay Area about the science and medical benefits of cannabis for health and wellbeing. She explained to High Vibes that she loves educating people and Ellementa gives her the platform to create programing that provides information to others about the benefits of the cannabis plant. When asked about her ideal utopian cannabis world, she had so many idea, hopes, and dreams:

“We’re in state where there’s so much access and no education. I would like education to be the forefront, be just as par with sales. To see it be a valuable commodity to pay educators, have them out with companies and so people can know how to use this plant in a reliable, safe, repeatable way. I would like to see people have really sustainable lives in this industry, being paid well, having their bills paid, having opportunities to grow and develop as a professionals. To have a real focus on education and science and to really let this plant be free. Let it be federally legal. Let's end this war on drugs, let's get these people out of prison, lets wipe their records. Let's give them a fair chance to come back into world. There's so many different people that are just behind bars. This plant is being modeled from an alcohol and tobacco model. This plant is medicine, it should not be modeled after toxic chemical companies.”

The group of about 20 women who attended the event shared with the panel of leaders, Pamela Hadfield, co-founder of HelloMD, the largest Cannabis Community, and Jessica Peters, founder of Moxie Meds, a company that specializes in all natural cannabis grown, produced and thoughtfully designed products for women by women.

The guests shared that they came to the event to learn more about the medicinal properties of cannabis and how they could integrate them into their lifestyle to best manage their pain. Some of the women were there to learn to help manage pain for their loved ones or patients.

Collectively, the group shared their experience with pain from arthritis, nerve damage, migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and menstrual pain.

“Cannabis is the exit drug to opioids,” said Jessica Peters of Moxie Meds. However she went on to say that “Less than 10% of doctors are given verbal communication about cannabis.”

The United States is not leading in cannabis research. Israel is #1, then Columbia. Although there are thousands of international studies, US doctors are trained to only accept data from US based resources. Websites, such as PubMed, are a valuable resource, that go beyond the US, for people to get information regarding research resolutions relating to how cannabis affects our bodies and overall health.

When it comes to cannabis and your health, it is important to do your research and to not be afraid to try and test out different products. One of the resources provided at the event was a dosing journal. It provides a guideline to document your experience with different doses, list the products you used and describe how it affects your body.

Start Low, Go Slow,” Tali explained to the group.

Knowing that cannabis can help alleviate pain in our bodies is not completely foreign to most of the public. However it can be intimidating to walk into your local dispensary for the first time, which is filled with so many different products, and figure out where to start.

The panel expressed that first you should do a little bit of research. HelloMD provides a service that connects patients with knowledgeable doctors. Afterwards talking to your budtender, who are more often than not are extremely knowledgeable about the products their selling, openly about what you are looking for should be easier.

The two hour event seemed to only touch the surface of the all the questions we all had about how we can better use cannabis for health purposes and pain relief. If you thought you knew a decent amount of information about the medicinal purposes, you left feeling like you needed to attend more of Ellementa’s events. Lucky for you, they throw an event almost once a month. Use the link below to find an Ellementa Women's event in your area.

Find an Ellementa Women's event near you.

Written by: Rebecca Victoria & Felicia Harder