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Ellementa: "Women Leaders in Cannabis"

Updated: May 15, 2020

Written By Felicia Harder

Last month High Vibes Media attended an Ellementa event in San Francisco where the panel discussed the benefits of cannabis and the use to alleviate pain. (Check out the article here). Last night’s event was a little different; it was a powerhouse filled with female canna-preneurs. (Scroll to the bottom for a video!)

  • Ophelia Chong, Founder of Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE)

  • Kimberly Dillon, CMO of Papa & Barkley

  • Jennifer Chapin, Co-Founder of Kikoko

  • Andy Greenberg, Founder of Society Jane, a San Francisco Delivery Service.

  • Marcia Gagliardi, Founder of cannabis blog & newsletter mymilligram

  • Amber Senter, Founder of Leisure Life, and Co-Founder of Super Nova Women

When I first walked in, you see rows of chairs decorated with samples of goodies for the guest. Oakland-Based cannabis educator and holistic health practitioner, Tali Eisenberg was our incredible host, and she was prepared for a full busy night.

The event table hosted a plethora of samples from Society Jane set of affiliated products, Papa and Barkley’s balms and tinctures, Kikoko’s teas, and Atlas’ edibles. Atlas had non-cannabis infused samples of their granolas: Ember, Stratus, Nimbus and Origin. I was impressed by the taste of each one and you can really identify the flavor. My favorite flavor was definitely Ember, which is their sativa granola which had caramel, cashew and cayenne. The Atlas’ representative, Christin Urso was so sweet, and gave me a whole package of non-medicated Ember granola to take home. (YES!)

This evening’s event had a really inspiring panel of women. Each one shared their stories of their first relationship with cannabis. Ophelia Chong admitted that she originally held a negative judgement towards cannabis. It wasn’t until she learned from her sister that she better understood the positive impact of cannabis. Andy Greenberg shared that her son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and Jennifer Chapin had a dear friend who was battling cancer who opened her eyes to the power of this plant. Sometimes experiencing pain enlightens you where you need to grow, and in this case, it is miss Mary-Jane.

The panel shared stories of how they were able to create their business to help other people. This is inspiring to me because High Vibes Media is still developing and helping others is and important part of our mission. The panel provided insight on establishing their businesses, as well as what values they share that made them unique and successful. All the women really emphasized being a community player and focusing on how you want to give back.

All the companies featured at this event provide a quality of products that serve people differently (which you can see below). There are so many ways to consume and absorbs the plant's healing nutrients in our bodies. Nowadays, people are becoming more educated about the benefits of cannabis.

The Cannabis Industry is evolving and everyone is experiencing the growing pains and strenuous efforts with the chokehold of regulations. Tali Eisenberg is truly passionate about promoting education about cannabis and bringing light to social justice to the people who are in prison for just for having this plant in their possession!

A room full of women at a sold-out Ellementa event really showcases how hungry we are to learn more about what cannabis provides for all of us. As women leaders in this industry, let's continue to make a positive difference in our world!

Tali Eisenberg with Ellementa guests. October 18, 2018


Stock Pot Images is similar to Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, however, it has an overabundance of cool cannabis styled photos.

Asian Americans for Cannabis connects and empowers Asian communities to educate the public on cannabis issues, news, and policy affecting Asians worldwide.

Kikoko has a line of four cannabis tea products that provide different experiences for the individual. The products are formulated in low doses that range from 3 milligrams to 10 milligrams of THC per sachet. Kikoko’s products are all organically sun-grown, no toxins/chemicals, quadruple lap-tested and CO2 extract. They also host fabulous high-tea parties and dress up in glam vintage attire.

  • Positivi-tea is their organic lemongrass mint green tea and contains 10 mg of THC which helps uplift mood and joy. (Also known as their party tea).

  • Sensuali-tea, is their boosting pleasure tea with organic hibiscus cardamom and rose and contains 7 mg of THC. This one is really great for sensual and arousal stimulation for you and your partner.

  • Tranquili-tea is their organic chamomile lemon myrtle tea and contains 3 mg of THC. This one is definitely going to be your new sleepy-time tea.

  • Sympa-tea is their organic turmeric ginger tea and contains 3 mg of THC and 20 mg of CBD. It is to be used to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Papa & Barkley and their team of scientist have formulated soothing and pain-relieving balms, body oil, capsules, transdermal patches, bath soaks, and tinctures. They are committed to using pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes with no use of solvents, no distillates. It is all natural ingredients treated with heat and pressure.

Society Jane is “The Good Girl’s Cannabis Club” and focuses on finding and delivering products that benefit women. It is a relief to know that there is a company that withholds a status to provide consistent and manageable doses to their clients.

Mymilligram is your dose of a weekly newsletter that highlights low-dose and high-quality cannabis products. Mymilligram encourages you to customize your experience with cannabis at a micro and measurable level.

Supernova Women is an organization formed by and for women of color with the goal of utilizing their diverse talents to enlighten empower among other women in the evolving cannabis economy.

Ellementa hosts in-person gatherings around the world. This is a safe forum for women to discuss how cannabis affects their lives.

*Friendly Reminder, when consuming cannabis products start small and expand from there. Cannabis is all about using in moderation. The plant has so much positive uplifting qualities to it, so do your research and ask your medical advisor about what products would be suitable for you. If one product seems to not suit you, be open-minded to try another.*

Ellementa Gathering Video