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Booty Ambassador, Annie Nguyen relaunches her Thick Girl Fitness classes.

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Written By: Rebecca Victoria

If you’re looking for a fun way to get some fitness into your life, Thick Girl Fitness might be just the thing for you! It is 50 minutes of fun dance moves choreographed to some of your favorite empowering hip-hop songs. During this class we warm up to Destiny Child’s “I’m a Survivor” and cool down to India Arie “Girl in the Video”. One of the best parts of the class is that there is no pressure to get all the moves right, the only requirement is that you have fun. The class focuses on promoting body positivity and embracing your body as it is. Don’t let the name fool you, the class isn’t just for girls, it’s open to anyone and everyone.

On Feb 21, Fitness Instructor, Annie Nguyen relaunched her cardio dance class at the Moving Arts Studio in San Francisco, CA. Nguyen shared that the first launch of the Thick Girl Fitness class only had one attendee. The relaunch class was filled with 25 people. “This class almost stopped continuing to happen. When I first tried it out it was not very successful,” Nguyen told High Vibes Media. “I almost put a pause to it all together but I’m glad I kept going. I just have really big visions for it.”

Nguyen started dancing 3 years ago when she was a backup dancer for her friend’s Zumba class. While she did enjoy the experience, she also had anxiety about not looking like the other girls she danced with. She shared with us that the way the outfits looked on them looked different on her. She was curvier and shorter than them. This inspired her to create an environment where no matter what you looked like you could enjoy the movement of dance. While the class does provide an excellent cardio work out, the main message is centered around body positivity through dance.

Before heading over to the class, the Thick Girl Fitness Instagram said that we would be doing over 100 squats. I mentally prepared for my legs to be sore the next day. As the class organized themselves Nguyen explained the ground rules. Go at your own pace, no judgment, and have fun. She laughed as she told the room if they could make it through the first 20 minutes the rest of the class would be a breeze. Initially, 20 minutes felt way too long, but once the music started my timidness diminished. The confidence Nguyen puts out is contagious, and her selection of music, like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and "Queen" by Jessie J makes you forget about the time. I did not want to stop dancing.

The choreography is similar to Zumba, but mixed in with some "booty building" exercises. You could even use some these dance moves in the night club. Nguyen also brought in some guest instructors to mix up the styles. Princess Ryan, founder of Kidz groove and Pauline Razon, Zumba instructor hopped in front of the class to keep the tempo going. Nguyen plans on featuring other instructors in upcoming classes.

At the end of it, I did not really care about the number of squats we were doing because my booty was feeling good. Collectively, the group screamed “ayyyy” and “okay!?!” as they got into the movements to encourage one another. Before you knew it every member of the class was dripping in sweat, and by the end of the hour, everyone was smiling and laughing.

“It’s not about getting the moves right or looking good. It’s literally about just having a good time and feeling good about yourself and helping to build your confidence,” Nguyen shared. “If that’s the only thing you do during the class I am happy."

The class will be a monthly feature at the Moving Arts Studio in San Francisco. Follow @thickgirl.fitness for updates!