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Cannabis Lagunitas Review: Hi-Fi Hops 5:5

Beer and Cannabis tend to go hand in hand. In fact, the two plants are genetically related and belong to the Cannabinaceae family. Both Cannabis and Hops have unique terpenes profiles, such as myrcene, pinene, and humulene.

Tony Magee is the founder of Lagunitas, a brewing company located in Petaluma, California. Magee has always said, “It takes a lot of good weed to make great beer”

AbsoluteXtracts (also known as ABX) is practically Lagunita’s next-door neighbor in Santa Rosa, California. Together, Lagunitas and AbsoluteXtracts joined forces to create Hi-Fi Hops, a sparkling hoppy beverage infused with California cannabis.

I tried the 5:5 ratio (which is 5 mg of THC and CBD)

Appearance and Packaging 5/5

The bottle is your standard glass beer bottle. 12 fluid oz and it is recyclable.

The label is true to Lagunitas with a hop plant in the corner and its splatter logo. All the ingredients are shown on the label. For those that have sensitive nut allergies, the beer is manufactured in a facility with tree nuts. Hi-Fi Hops drinks contain no alcohol, it’s gluten-free, calorie-free, has zero carbs, and the benefits from cannabis! Literally a DREAM.

Taste 5/5

It has more flavor than a La Croix. It has a fruity taste but a light hoppiness to it. Like most good beers, It is best enjoyed cold. Hi-Fi Hops is a carbonated drink without the heaviness of actual beer. They use a water-soluble THC and CBD in Hi-Fi Hops. This means the THC and CBD will enter your bloodstream and you will feel the effects much quicker in comparison to an edible. Also on their label, it states you should feel effects in about 30 minutes. (Disclaimer: Effects and Timing vary by person).

Effects 5/5

I started to feel the effects of the drink within 20-30 minutes. I sipped on it though. No beer bong funneling here. I sensed more relaxation and inspiration after consumption. Hi-Fi Hops helped me relieve menstrual pain as well. Altogether, I would say I had a very light euphoric feeling from the cannabinoids in the drink.

Price 5/5

The prices at the dispensaries range between $8-$12 per bottle. You will discover that most CBD products cost more than THC products. The tax will fluctuate depending on the county and town.

For the price of a beer that you were to order at a bar, brewery, grocery store..etc. is going to range between $5-11 depending on the craft. I think Since this product is cannabis-infused it makes sense to spend $10 on this drink. Definitely, check out your dispensaries website to see if they are offering a specific deal with ABX products or if they have a loyalty reward program.

Overall/Conclusion 5/5

It’s my new go-to drink. I enjoy Lagunitas beer. I infuse cannabis into my lifestyle for health benefits, and I am a huge fan of the cannabinoid, CBD. For people that are new or re-introducing cannabis into their lifestyle, this beer is very refreshing. Lagunitas 5:5 High-Fi Hops has a nice balance between CBD and THC which makes me feel more at ease. Overall, this drink was a very soothing high for me.

I would certainly buy this product again. My friends like the 10 mg THC option, but they have a higher tolerance than I do. So, if you are like them give that one a try.

Bottom line, beer and cannabis are the best buds to have around. So Cheers!

Written by Felicia Harder @heyfeliciaharder