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Cannabis Flower Review: Key’s Flower and Prerolls

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Smoking flower is a classic way to consume cannabis. Whether you’re packing a bowl in your pipe or for your blog, rolling a joint, blunt or backwood, it’s the quickest way to feeling the effects of cannabis is to burn it. I consider myself a microdoser, I enjoy a little wake and bake, or a quick hit before the gym. The effects also don’t last as long. So flower is my favorite way to get a quick head change. The well-known Bay Area dispensary, Harborside, is now offering one gram prerolls and flower. The buds are distributed under their ‘Key’ brand at storefronts throughout California with cannabis from their Harborside Farms which is located in Salinas, Ca.

Photo By Fred Gebhardt

Appearance and Packaging 5/5

I really like Key’s simplistic design. The matte black packing with blue and white print makes it easy to read the product information. The pre-rolls packages each contain one 1 gram prerolls. After unwrapping the safety plastic you just have to squeeze the container diagonally to get the top to pop open which is pretty easy. The 8ths of flower come in a thick clear glass jar with a matte black lid. It’s a push and turn to open. My cannabis stayed fresh in the glass containers. All the products are labeled with THC/CBD levels.

Photo By Fred Gebhardt

Taste 4/5

I found the flavors of the flower to be pleasant and enjoyable. The prerolls burn slow and hit hard which I love.

Photo By Fred Gebhardt

Effects 5/5

The stains I tried for the pre-rolls were Orange Creamsicle (13.28% THC) and Headband(22.67% THC), both hybrids. I needed my usually 3–4 hits and I was good to go. The high lasted for an appropriate amount of time and throughout the day I would go back and take hits. The pre-rolls are also good for smoking in larger groups since the joint lasts longer. The flower packed was Guilded Lime (20.20%) and White Cookies (16.16% THC), also hybrids. I would definitely smoke these all again.

Photo By Fred Gebhardt

Price 5/5

Each pre-roll is 10$ which is a reasonable price for a one-gram joint of quality weed. I was unable to find the price of the 8ths of flower.

Photo By Fred Gebhardt

Overall 5/5

I really fancied the Key flower and the pre-rolls. It was a delicious and clean weed that gave me the light buzz I enjoy throughout my day. I’d without a doubt pick these up on my next dispensary trip.

Key products are available Harborside locations as well as at more than 70 dispensaries throughout California.

Written By Rebecca Victoria Olmos

I like to write articles about weed and poetry about life. I’m a Bay Area native writing about the world I live in for the people I love. @thatcannabiswriter