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Cannabis 101 for Seniors: Educating the growing new demographic.

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Written By: Rebecca Victoria

Seniors are the newest and largest demographic consuming cannabis

There’s a new demographic of cannabis users coming onto the market: senior citizens. Adults 55 years old or older are the fastest growing age group making their way into local dispensaries according to an Eaze insight report. The baby boomers of this group are also spending the most money monthly. This consumer group uses cannabis products mainly for health reasons that include pain inflammation, sleep, mood, stress, and intimacy. Although many seniors do enjoy it for recreational purposes. Starting to use cannabis as a medical aid can be overwhelming, especially if you once held negative ideas about it. To help answer questions and educate the new users on the wellness benefits seniors can experience with cannabis, Tali Eisenberg, certified holistic health practitioner and cannabis educator created a crash course beginner's guide: Cannabis 101 for Seniors. She travels all over the bay area to teach to seniors and has even got the support of Papa & Barkley, a cannabis company that produces quality wellness products like topicals and tintures.

Eisenberg has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She is a cannabis educator, a certified holistic health practitioner, and mindfulness facilitator. Papa & Barkley produces safe and reliable cannabis products in the form of tinctures, capsules, body oils, bath soaks, and patches. The company is more than just CBD or THC. A team that includes scientists and researchers work to curate wellness products with different ratios of specific cannabinoids to help target a variety of ailments. Together with Eisenberg's experience, passion senior visibility, education, and cannabis they curated the class, Cannabis 101 for Seniors. The monthly class provides seniors, their caregivers, nurses, family member or just anyone curious to use cannabis for health an opportunity to dive a little deeper into the wellness benefits of the plant. It gives cannabis users the basic knowledge and understanding of the plant, it’s history, and how different products may help any physical or psychological ailments.

‘Cannabis 101 for Seniors’ offers attendees more than product options.

The never-ending product options on dispensary menus can be overwhelming and it may be hard for new users to know where to start. As a cannabis educator and consultant Eisenberg has created and taught senior cannabis outreach education programs for the past three years at dispensaries and as private events. She has reached over 3,000 seniors to date. She is able to offer suggestions on what may be the right product or consumption method to help them. As she speaks to the class the table in front of her has a variety of different cannabis products such as vape pens, edibles, topicals, and even joints. She presents them as examples throughout her class. But the class goes beyond products. It explains history of the cannabis which includes the plant’s migration patterns to the creation of the prohibition era. Eisenberg also explains the biological relationship between the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) and cannabinoids in medicine. The ECS “can be thought of as the air traffic control center for the body”, according to the informational Papa & Barkley wellness guide that was provided at the event. The class is a crash course in how to start understanding the cannabis plant and incorporating it into a wellness routine. If you're new to cannabis asking questions while in line at the dispensary can sometimes feel overwhelming or too open when you have a line of people waiting behind you and budtenders ready to sell products. Cannabis 101 for Seniors is a classroom where you can sit down to engage and learn with a wellness educator with cannabis experience. Both the end and beginning of the class are dedicated to answering questions and mingling with Eisenberg and the Papa & Barkely team.

Cannabis 101 for Seniors travels all over the Bay Area. The next two classes are Wednesday, June 5th in Sacramento and Wednesday June 26. You can find specific class dates and information on Eisenberg’s Instagram page, @tali_lala. If you know of any older adults in your life that could benefit from the information in this class, please pass along this information.