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5 Easy Plants That Will Purify Your Home's Air

Now that air quality is an relevant health issue for many people during the height of California’s wildfire season, finding natural ways to improve the air we breathe is becoming a hot topic. However, worldwide air pollution has been a problem for decades now. In fact, over 5 million deaths worldwide are caused by indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Because of these deaths, many researchers have done studies about ways to improve the air around us. A study done by NASA in 1989 suggests that there are certain plants that we can grow in our home that rid our air of harmful toxins. And good news: many of these plants are incredibly easy to care for. Keep in mind that although these plants are doing heavy lifting, they are not a replacement for an air purifier system.

Snake Plants

The snake plant. You’ve probably seen them in every office you’ve ever stepped foot in. That’s for two reasons: they are incredibly low-maintenance and do a great job keeping the air fresh. These plants may not grow as quickly or look as jungle-chic as others, but their grit is why so many people pick them as their first plant purchase.

They can easily handle most lighting conditions and require minimal watering. A snake plant may only need watering once every couple of months. Now that’s low-maintenance.

Pothos Plants

Pothos plants are at the top of NASA’s recommendations, probably since they cover so much ground so quickly. Pothos are some of the fastest growers out there. This vining plant also tends to be pretty easy to care for. As long as it receives some kind of light in your space, it should be well on it’s way to growing like a weed.

Out of all the indoor air pollutants that NASA tested for in the study, Pothos plants were among the few that filtered out all of them. From the short list of plants that were able to filter out all common indoor pollutants (including carbludion monoxide, trichloroethylene, and benzene), Pothos are by far the easiest to care for. So if you’re looking for the cleanest air a plant can provide, this vining beauty should be at the top of your list.

Bird of Paradise Plants

One of the findings that NASA made was that a leaf’s surface area was a large factor in the air-cleaning ability of a plant. On Nasa’s list, the Bird of Paradise plant is the one with the largest leaf surface area and might do the most for your indoor space.

Before running to your nearest plant nursery, keep in mind that the conditions required for this plant to flourish are a little tougher to accommodate than the other plants mentioned in this article. They do best in heavily lit areas with lots of vertical room to expand.

Houseplants are quickly becoming a staple in people’s home decor, but we’re starting to see that they’re more than just green pops of color. Go out there and adopt some of these plant powerhouses. Your lungs will thank you!