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4 Reasons You’re Not Achieving Your Goals

You’ve read all the self-help books. You’ve listened to all the Gary Vaynerchuk speeches. You’ve even bought the most aesthetically pleasing planner the internet has to offer. But why haven’t you achieved your dreams of being a multi-millionaire and gracing the cover of Forbes magazine or even the first 3 items on your to-do list?

Well here’s a secret: none of that stuff matters. But that begs the question… what does matter? What’s the trick to getting where you want to be in life? The short answer is that there really isn’t any trick. However, you might be doing some of these following things and getting in your own way on your path to success.

1. You don’t know what your goal is, specifically.

This is a big one. And it might be kind of weird to see. “Yeah, I know what my big goal is. Of course, I do!” But how specific is that goal? Can you get more specific?

It’s way easier to carve toward that goal than if you only have a vague idea. “I want to be an event planner” could be turned into “I’m going to plan 3 events this month.”

An actual tangible result is better than something vague. Knowing exactly what your target is means you’re not wasting time and energy on shooting arrows all around you. Instead, put all your energy into hitting one singular manageable target.


2. You’re not learning the basics.

Breaking your specific goal down into bite-size steps might seem like a weird tip. “Well, if I knew how to get to being a successful business owner, I’d already be doing that…” Exactly. Let’s say your big dream is to design a collection for New York fashion week. Do you know how to sew a dress? Do you know how many pieces a collection needs? Have you ever worked in a fashion house? Do you know how designers get their collections into fashion week? Find out! Start will those small goals and learn about your craft.

(By the way, if by chance this is your big goal… we figured it out for you. Lucky you!)


3. You could be doing a lot more.

Self-care is important. But sometimes self-care goes too far and careens off the road into laziness territory. If you’ve got a roadmap to success figured out (which can take a while), you know for the most part what you need to be doing every day to get to where you want to be. Trying to be a photographer for trendy restaurants’ Instagram feeds in your city? Well, you could probably be messaging more than just one potential client per day. After you get home from your 9-to-5 job, try to muster the energy to sketch out some of your ideas for those t-shirt designs.

Make some time for that hobby that you want to make a career. If it’s important to you, make some time for it. Even if you’re on #TeamNaps, try trading in one of those hour-long naps per week for an hour of sending out emails or teaching yourself how to use new editing software. Maybe when you get home from a long day, it’ll sound like the last thing you want to do, but in a year from now when this has become a consistent habit, you’ll look back and thank yourself.

4. You’re doing way too much.

Well, this is in direct contrast to the last point, but as we said before, self-care is important. If you’re finding yourself being overwhelmed at the end of every day… maybe relax a little bit. Play some video games. Meditate. Get out that sheet mask.

The sweet spot between laziness and over-working is consistency.

If you’re doing a manageable amount of work every day, you’re way more likely to be able to keep it up over a longer period of time. There’s no race to win. Find a good, even pace and make it a habit to work toward your big dream a little every day.

This probably isn’t new information to you and you probably have heard it somewhere before. But maybe this was the nudge you needed to get out of a you-shaped dent in the couch. Get out there and make it happen! And don’t forget about us after you’ve made your first million-selling scuba suit made from recycled water bottles.

Written By: Fred Gebhardt, @FredGebhardt